OO Design: Addiction app

From last week’s pairing session. Jason suggested I try and design my own application from the principles he showed me (and demonstrates in his youtube video). I decided I’d go for something a little simpler to make sure if I did screw up, it wouldn’t be too time consuming to restart.

My application is going to be for smartphones, it will allow people to record their ‘indulgences’ in their vices. For example, an alcoholic will be able to record how often, and how much he/she drinks, then chart that to see whether they are decreasing their consumption or not. A pretty simple idea, but especially as this will be my first Android app, I thought I’d go for something reasonably simple.

I wrote my user stories in Trello, acceptance tests around these user stories are comments on the cards. I think I may have been pushing it, but I also used it for my CRC cards; I wouldn’t recommend it for this though! Look at the boards on Trello.

I also made a diagram of the interactions between classes on google docs. I’m not sure how complete it is. I spent quite a while trying to see whether I’d missed any relationships, but I couldn’t spot any. At the same time it still felt incomplete. Once I’ve done quite a few of these I hope I’ll be able to churn them out quicker, currently I find them quite difficult and constantly have to refer to examples to see whether I’m on the right path.